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     Do you need new business but have no marketing resource?

Is time your enemy and marketing always fall to the bottom of your 'to do' list? 

Do you need expert advice on a particular project?

      Have you scaled back your Marketing Dept but now need support on a marketing activity?

          Are your budgets limited?        

Bringing small business brands to life

The concept behind ​​The Little Marketing Dept is unique. Retaining the services of a large agency can be costly for small businesses, but small businesses need professional marketing. So it was this very conundrum that sparked an idea to form a 'little' consultancy that provides exceptional marketing for creative entrepreneurs like you.

I work with small businesses on a project by project basis which means you can choose the support you need, when you need it. Whether it's to get you started with a bespoke marketing plan or simply work on a project, such as building you a website or managing your social media. The Little Marketing Dept is here to give you the tools so you can succeed, without having the burden of additional staffing costs and heavy agency fees. ​

Marketing is no longer about the things you make,
​but the stories you tell.
A versatile Marketing Department to suit your business needs, specialising in branding, digital marketing, website design, social media management and email marketing.
We originally approached Sarah just over 3 years ago to help us increase our presence on social media, since we were relativley new to the Farnham area. It soon became clear that her skill set matched what we needed as a small to medium sized business, and now 3yrs later, she is still very mucy part of our team. She has created a new digital platform for our business, starting with building a new website, followed by implementing an online communications strategy to nuture our existing clients and increase our customer base. Sarah is a real pleasure to work with, and nothing is ever too much trouble.
I would highly recommend.

Giles McHugh, Director 
MPM, Farnham

Book a Marketing Consultation

1. Getting to know your business
2. Marketing status
3. Where do you want to get to?
I then look at what Marketing have you done to date. Discussing what has worked and what hasn't.
Effective marketing starts by understanding your business and commerical objectives. Finding out where you currently are.
We then look at where you want to get to. What are your realistic targets; audiences and budget.